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SecOps teams often face a barrage of challenges, such as sifting through countless security alerts, staying ahead of rapidly evolving cyber threats, and choosing the right tools from a vast market of cybersecurity solutions. These issues can overwhelm even the most seasoned teams, leading to inefficiencies and vulnerabilities in their security posture. 

Cypher offers a solution to some of these challenges by providing a platform that uses AI to tailor the search for cybersecurity tools to the specific needs of a SecOps team. This means teams can find relevant tools faster, without having to wade through unsuitable options.

Another significant challenge for SecOps teams is the time-consuming process of vetting and procuring cybersecurity solutions. Cypher streamlines this process by offering a platform where teams can easily compare tools, engage in anonymous conversations with vendors, and make informed decisions without the usual delays. This efficiency is crucial for maintaining a robust security posture in an environment where threats can emerge and escalate rapidly.

Cypher also addresses the issue of privacy and unwanted solicitation that can arise when engaging with vendors. The platform ensures that communications remain anonymous until teams decide to reveal their identity. This feature protects SecOps professionals from unwanted emails and sales pitches, allowing them to focus on evaluating solutions based on merit rather than marketing pressure.



Smart Matching

Cypher's AI helps SecOps find the right tools without the sales pitch, focusing on what truly fits their needs


Safe Chat

Talk to vendors anonymously, keeping your inbox clean and your conversations focused.



Get the latest on cybersecurity trends and data, helping you make informed choices without the noise.

In essence, Cypher acts as a bridge between SecOps teams and the right cybersecurity solutions, making the path from identification of needs to implementation of tools smoother and more secure. By addressing the core challenges faced by SecOps professionals, Cypher empowers them to enhance their defensive capabilities more effectively and efficiently.

For an in-depth look at how Cypher can enhance your SecOps team’s capabilities, we invite you to sign up for the platform. It’s completely free to join, allowing you to directly experience its benefits and features

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