Make Cybersecurity Accessible

We want to empower every business, regardless of size, with equal access to top-tier, trustworthy online security solutions. 
We are committed to simplifying access to information, enabling businesses to discover solutions that are relevant and solution providers to find new customers. We are creating a more secure and equitable platform for anyone who wants to secure their business.
Cypher Mission
Cypher Team


Teams that get each other, get stuff done

We foster trust, autonomy, fully remote work and diversity in all its forms.

Every voice is heard, every perspective is valued, and every team member has the freedom to create, innovate, and thrive. 

We believe every business on the internet deserves to be secure.

Vinay Narayan - Co-Founder & CEO - Cypher

Vinay Narayan

CO-Founder, CEO

Sachin Goyal - Co-founder & CTO - Cypher

Sachin Goyal

Co-Founder, CTO


Currently no open roles, but your spark could be our next big thing. Drop us a note!

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