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Introducing Cyndalf

It’s become increasingly evident that AI agents are the future of human-machine interaction. Mid-size companies deploy dozens of security solutions. Large companies often have over a 100. Security is a landscape of point solutions. Buying security has always relied on some form of tribal knowledge. That friend or private slack group you trust is your go-to resource when you are

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Cypher Score

One Score To Tie Them All

Buying a cybersecurity product or service has costs- monetary and otherwise. Picking the wrong provider, even more so. Purchasing decisions that concern business security are rarely made without significant due diligence. However, not everyone has the time to research their options. Enter the Cypher Score- an aggregate metric that uses social, user and other data to help you build trust

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Leave the world behind

We take for granted the many information flows that keep us driving, flying, binge watching, drinking safe water, texting and shopping. A recent Netflix movie starring Julia Roberts and Ethan Hawke (and hence the title of this post) offers an extreme example of things that can go wrong when a country’s digital networks are attacked.

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