Use cases


Multiple government agencies regulate standards and compliance for airport and airline systems. This covers every touchpoint of aviation, from air traffic control systems to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and flight reservation systems to development cycles for flight navigation software. 

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Education has seen among the highest increases in cyber incidents in the last few years. Decentralized decision making and legacy systems often leave institutions exposed. Sensitive student, donor and employee data makes the sector particularly vulnerable to ransomware and data breaches. 

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Financial Services

There is a long list of ever evolving threats in this sector including phishing, DDoS, malware, API vulnerabilities and more that threaten the sector. AI- driven automation is rapidly introducing threat vectors such as deepfakes and customer surveillance that are projected to increase risks rapidly. This promises to increase the costs of defending customer identity and data. 

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A combination of legacy systems, budget constraints, regulation and sensitive medical PII makes healthcare security complex. The sector accounts for over 14% of workers in the US. An entire ecosystem of payers, providers and patients relies on the integrity and availability of systems for critical daily workflows. 

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How products are made is increasingly driven by software. The security posture of players in the sector is still maturing, although labor shortages have driven increased automation and hence cyber risk. Parties in the supply chain are often global and have widely varying security controls in need of an upgrade. Standards such as the ISA/IEC 62443 have been widely adopted by manufacturers with sophisticated control systems.

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Critical infrastructure including power grids, sewage treatment plants and water storage are often the targets of state-sponsored attacks. Working with government agencies at various levels to improve defensibility has become essential. Smart systems power the operations of these facilities and can face damage or disruption from attacks. 

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