Visual Ratings

Cypher’s Latest Feature – Visual Ratings
The launch of Cypher's new product feature is a strategic move to enhance user experience by incorporating visual rating indicators from key industry players like G2, Glassdoor, and the proprietary Cypher Score. The integration of these ratings into Cypher's interface brings a wealth of knowledge to the fingertips of its users.

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Visual Ratings

Transparency is the currency of trust when buying security software and services. Imagine assessing a company’s market reputation at a glance – that’s the promise of Cypher’s new feature. It visually integrates ratings from platforms SaaS buyers would otherwise never find in one place and incorporates Cypher’s own algorithmic scoring system. We’ll keep adding to these inputs so you evaluate security software and services based on relevance and evidence, not marketing pitches.


With visual indicators, Cypher users can say goodbye to the tedium of sifting through reviews and scores across multiple platforms. Each rating is presented as an easily digestible graphic, color-coded and shaped to represent the source’s brand identity. 


Ratings are the compass that guides stakeholders through the sea of market options and opinions. They encapsulate customer satisfaction, employee morale, and operational excellence. By integrating these ratings, Cypher ensures its users are well-equipped to make decisions that are not just data-driven but also context-aware. 


Amidst the external ratings, the Cypher Score stands out. It’s an aggregated measure derived from a sophisticated algorithm that considers market trends, company growth patterns, and industry benchmarks.


Stay informed, make intelligent decisions, and build a security stack that works for you based on a holistic view of market reputation.

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